Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Potty Training and Other Stuff

I have great news! Our daughter is potty trained. She is even wearing underwear at night! She has been successfully potty trained at 2 yrs and 5 months. Of course there are still accidents from time to time and I have to say there was a dozy last night.

She and her Daddy went to the beach earlier in the day and I packed underwear for her to change into after taking a shower but her Daddy could not find it so he put her skort on her and without undies so she was commando. She then fell asleep as soon as they got home with no undies. Mean while, I had no idea this was the case and he left for band practice.

When she woke up I fed her dinner and she began playing and we were having fun. Then she got a little strange and made her way into the kitchen and just stood in there. I went after her to ask what was wrong and I could see her eyes widen and she reached her arm out with her hand up warning me to stop...all of this was in slow motion (I swear) but it was too late. I took a step forward and squish. Yep, you guessed it, I stepped in a big pile of her pooh. Not just any pooh either it was very much like diarrhea. How on Earth could this have happened, I thought? (Later as I changed her I realized it was the lack of underwear that allowed everything to slip out.)

I was actually very disgusted and lost my composure. I hate to admit it but its true. I yelled a big, "Ahhhhh, that's disgusting" and repeated, "this is so gross and so disgusting" about 100 times. I told my daughter not to move while I cleaned everything up and looked at her quite frankly and asked why she did not use the potty (it is seriously not even a foot away from where the accident happened, we keep one in her play area just in case). Now, I know I should not have said that and I know I should not have reacted the way I did but remember I am pregnant, very tired, and stressed as I have to make a big dinner for about 15 of my closest friends coming over for Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow. Meanwhile my poor daughter started crying the second I yelled "that's disgusting".

I kept telling myself my behavior was OK. I kept saying this will not harm her in her adult life, she will not have to see a psychiatrist for this and then it happened...a few hours later she was using the potty and she said, "I had to use the potty earlier but had an accident, you got mad and yelled, I cried". In that very moment I felt like the pile she made earlier.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Race Day

Well, it finally came, race day!

WB and I ran a Marathon together, we each did half. She started the race at 3:45 AM to beat the heat. Plus I told her that I wanted to be done at 8 AM. She said that when she got there they wanted her to wait until 4 AM but after some begging and pleading and claiming I would kill her they let her start early. I do not think I would have killed her, perhaps seriously injured.

My WB completed her portion of the marathon (half) at 2 hours, 10 min and 41 sec (which is a great time, go WB!) I then began my half and started out really strong. For the first 2.6 miles I was running 8:35 min miles. I progressively slowed down to a 9:28 min mile in my last 2.6 miles and that was the hardest to do of course. I was beat. I got 1 hour and 57 min total for the half marathon and 2 hours and 7 seconds for the extra .3 or so that I had to run. Therefore, I was 1 min behind my Alaska time which at first I was slightly disappointed but then I realized Alaska was about 20 degrees cooler so actually I probably ran a better race today. Overall we finished a marathon in 2 hours 10 min and 48 seconds. I say we ROCKED IT! Perhaps the best feeling was crossing the finish line and having my wonderful husband and daughter there cheering me on.

Afterward we celebrated at my WB's house. Her Hubby made us some breakfast and we proceeded to feel the affects of the race. Any way, my WB's Hubby looked at me and asked if I was OK. I just felt so darn sleepy. He in turn told me that he thought that maybe I was pregnant b/c I had passed out on their couch a couple night earlier at a very late 8:30 PM.

I decided to entertain his guess by taking a test and noting to myself that there was no way b/c I had already taken two that came out negative. One two weeks ago and another a week ago. What the heck? Any way, I took the test and it came back "pregnant"!!! I was happy as my Hubby and I had been trying for all of a week or two:)

After finding out the results of the PT I thought that I actually ran a really good race. At six weeks pregnant I would say that is a pretty impressive time. Plus what a way to celebrate the race...I am sure not many people have received trophies quite like that.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Clause is Coming to Kwaj

On Saturday we had our annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony on Kwajalein. It's nice; they have performances, have food (that I can't eat since dicovering my gluten intolerane - eczema, gas, bloating, heart burn, blisters, and no energy keep me from wanting to try to consume it), music, and my favorite...late night shopping. Oh, yeah and they light the tree down town for the first time.

I would say the high light of the evening was biking down to the airport and watching my little Princess and all the other kids wait for Santa to arrive. She is starting to grasp the idea of Santa this year so things are getting really fun for us. He arrives on a small airplane and all the kids cheer as they see the plane land. My little girl even joined in on the fun (sitting high on her Daddy's shoulders) clapping, cheering, and smiling away. It was so sweet to see. The best was when she said to her little friend (also on her Daddy's shoulders), "look, Santa, he's over there! Santa is here". I loved it!

The next day was even more exciting because she got to see Santa and tell him what she wants for Christmas. Last year we put her on his lap and she just screamed and cried. This year she willingly went on his lap and even told Santa she wanted a doll house. It was great. I have been telling her since September that if she is a good girl Santa will bring her a doll house. Since then she has been VERY excited about Santa.

I have it on good authority that she made the nice list this year and therefore, will be getting her dollhouse.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sneaky, Sneaky

This morning as I was getting ready for work, my lovely daughter snuck into my bedroom and shut the door. When I called to her and asked what she was doing, there was no response, no opening of the door, just silence. I naturally figured she was playing "Come Get Me" (her version of tag meets hide 'n seek).

When I went to open my bedroom door and "get her" she was blocking the entrance with her body. When I asked her to let me in she looked at me out of the corner of her eye (giving me a full profile shot of her face) and there it was, red lip gloss all over her lips, nose, and chin. When I demanded she let me in MY room again she backed away slowly and broke into hysterical crying.

Instinctively she must of thought she was doing something wrong and thus when I caught her became upset at the prospect of being in trouble. I tried to consul her and comfort her, but she just kept sobbing. Even after I informed her that the lip gloss she was playing with was HERS!!!!! I had to hold in my laughter because there was never even the need to be sneaky, HA!

I am sure that is just the first of many sneaky episodes I will encounter from my little Princess:)


Once a week my Hubby and I typically go to a Yoga class that is taught here by one of my friends on island. I quite like it and its a good and different kind of workout from what I normally do. Not to mention its some good quality time with the Hubby.

Last night we went to class as usual only to find out the room that is normally used for the class was double booked. With our instructor being as creative as she is and the class being adventurous enough we decided to have the class outside at sunset. Picture it, a sky filled with brilliant shades of purples, pinks, oranges, and reds, waves crashing (our main view), and the wind and salt air from the ocean blowing by us. It was so lovely. I felt like I was in the middle of a Yoga show (the kind that play at 5 AM). The setting was so wonderful. Needless to say I really enjoyed myself and felt so relaxed afterward. Not to mention that there was a beautiful full moon rise towards the end of class.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Team L&B

My day started out like most. I got up at 4:30 AM to go running and met my Workout Buddy (WB) at her house. We ran a 5.5 mile tempo run today. It was a good run. We ran a slow 1 mile warm-up, 3.5 miles at a good pace, and then a slow 1 mile cool down. My Garmin showed us running our fastest pace at a 6:51 min mile (I am sure that only lasted a second). Our overall average was a 9:34 so not too shabby. I think our average pace on the actual tempo portion was more like an 8:24. We were both happy and happy to be done.

The funny thing was, we showed up ready to run this morning with matching tops and running skirts...even matching headbands (I promise this was not planned). However, we naturally thought this was the perfect team uniform so we decided that we will wear the same outfits on race day. We then decided that a team name would be good as well so team L&B it is (we may be a little EXTREME).

Any way, make your signs and show your support for team L&B (we will be the ones in matching white tops and blue skirts).

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Post

Today has been like most days for me; got up at 4:30 AM and met my workout buddy at the gym by 5 AM (a good thing about living on an island that is a mile and a half wide and 3 miles commute...any where). We did some lifting for about 30 min and then went on a slow easy two mile run. We did sprints yesterday so today's run was much more relaxing. We are currently training for the Paupers Marathon on 14DEC, we each will be running half.

When I got back I got ready for work and then got my daughter ready for school (Day Care). I had her use the potty. I am in the process of potty training her right now and am quite pleased that she no longer wets at night. We have the first potty of the day down pat, now for the other 5 or 6. She brushes her teeth, washes her sleepy's out, we get her dressed and do her hair. Lately, I have been putting Aloe Gel in her hair (100% Aloe) as she wants her hair to look like Mommy's. We both have naturally curly hair. At 7:30 AM we were out the door and I dropped her off at school at 7:32 AM (seriously a small island). I got to work at about 7:40 AM (not exaggerating) . Incidentally, this island is so small that no one uses cars except for as work vehicles. We all ride bikes. I cart my daughter along via my burly. I like it, I have not had a speeding ticket or car accident since 2002.

At lunch I went to school to pick up my daughter to spend some quality time with her. I used to pick her up every day but then my Hubby got the H1N1 and I kept her at school every day that week to make it so her chances of getting it were less. It worked! Neither one of us got Husband was pretty lonely though. Any way, she liked eating at school with her friends so I compromised with her and pick her up for lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays, this way we both are happy. After lunch I dropped her back off to school and got back to work for 4 more hours.

Its the end of the day now and I am on my way out to pick her up. I have tap class tonight in about 30 min for an hour. Its a fun and light workout. It keeps me moving and I like that.

Tonight my daughter and I will be asleep by 9 PM while my husband is having fun at band practice.

Its a good life.