Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Clause is Coming to Kwaj

On Saturday we had our annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony on Kwajalein. It's nice; they have performances, have food (that I can't eat since dicovering my gluten intolerane - eczema, gas, bloating, heart burn, blisters, and no energy keep me from wanting to try to consume it), music, and my favorite...late night shopping. Oh, yeah and they light the tree down town for the first time.

I would say the high light of the evening was biking down to the airport and watching my little Princess and all the other kids wait for Santa to arrive. She is starting to grasp the idea of Santa this year so things are getting really fun for us. He arrives on a small airplane and all the kids cheer as they see the plane land. My little girl even joined in on the fun (sitting high on her Daddy's shoulders) clapping, cheering, and smiling away. It was so sweet to see. The best was when she said to her little friend (also on her Daddy's shoulders), "look, Santa, he's over there! Santa is here". I loved it!

The next day was even more exciting because she got to see Santa and tell him what she wants for Christmas. Last year we put her on his lap and she just screamed and cried. This year she willingly went on his lap and even told Santa she wanted a doll house. It was great. I have been telling her since September that if she is a good girl Santa will bring her a doll house. Since then she has been VERY excited about Santa.

I have it on good authority that she made the nice list this year and therefore, will be getting her dollhouse.

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  1. Aww, that's so cute. I hope you got lots of pictures.

    I'm excited about out other present too!

    It was fun talking to Carys & Brandon last night!
    OXOXOXO< love you all!