Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Race Day

Well, it finally came, race day!

WB and I ran a Marathon together, we each did half. She started the race at 3:45 AM to beat the heat. Plus I told her that I wanted to be done at 8 AM. She said that when she got there they wanted her to wait until 4 AM but after some begging and pleading and claiming I would kill her they let her start early. I do not think I would have killed her, perhaps seriously injured.

My WB completed her portion of the marathon (half) at 2 hours, 10 min and 41 sec (which is a great time, go WB!) I then began my half and started out really strong. For the first 2.6 miles I was running 8:35 min miles. I progressively slowed down to a 9:28 min mile in my last 2.6 miles and that was the hardest to do of course. I was beat. I got 1 hour and 57 min total for the half marathon and 2 hours and 7 seconds for the extra .3 or so that I had to run. Therefore, I was 1 min behind my Alaska time which at first I was slightly disappointed but then I realized Alaska was about 20 degrees cooler so actually I probably ran a better race today. Overall we finished a marathon in 2 hours 10 min and 48 seconds. I say we ROCKED IT! Perhaps the best feeling was crossing the finish line and having my wonderful husband and daughter there cheering me on.

Afterward we celebrated at my WB's house. Her Hubby made us some breakfast and we proceeded to feel the affects of the race. Any way, my WB's Hubby looked at me and asked if I was OK. I just felt so darn sleepy. He in turn told me that he thought that maybe I was pregnant b/c I had passed out on their couch a couple night earlier at a very late 8:30 PM.

I decided to entertain his guess by taking a test and noting to myself that there was no way b/c I had already taken two that came out negative. One two weeks ago and another a week ago. What the heck? Any way, I took the test and it came back "pregnant"!!! I was happy as my Hubby and I had been trying for all of a week or two:)

After finding out the results of the PT I thought that I actually ran a really good race. At six weeks pregnant I would say that is a pretty impressive time. Plus what a way to celebrate the race...I am sure not many people have received trophies quite like that.

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