Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Potty Training and Other Stuff

I have great news! Our daughter is potty trained. She is even wearing underwear at night! She has been successfully potty trained at 2 yrs and 5 months. Of course there are still accidents from time to time and I have to say there was a dozy last night.

She and her Daddy went to the beach earlier in the day and I packed underwear for her to change into after taking a shower but her Daddy could not find it so he put her skort on her and without undies so she was commando. She then fell asleep as soon as they got home with no undies. Mean while, I had no idea this was the case and he left for band practice.

When she woke up I fed her dinner and she began playing and we were having fun. Then she got a little strange and made her way into the kitchen and just stood in there. I went after her to ask what was wrong and I could see her eyes widen and she reached her arm out with her hand up warning me to stop...all of this was in slow motion (I swear) but it was too late. I took a step forward and squish. Yep, you guessed it, I stepped in a big pile of her pooh. Not just any pooh either it was very much like diarrhea. How on Earth could this have happened, I thought? (Later as I changed her I realized it was the lack of underwear that allowed everything to slip out.)

I was actually very disgusted and lost my composure. I hate to admit it but its true. I yelled a big, "Ahhhhh, that's disgusting" and repeated, "this is so gross and so disgusting" about 100 times. I told my daughter not to move while I cleaned everything up and looked at her quite frankly and asked why she did not use the potty (it is seriously not even a foot away from where the accident happened, we keep one in her play area just in case). Now, I know I should not have said that and I know I should not have reacted the way I did but remember I am pregnant, very tired, and stressed as I have to make a big dinner for about 15 of my closest friends coming over for Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow. Meanwhile my poor daughter started crying the second I yelled "that's disgusting".

I kept telling myself my behavior was OK. I kept saying this will not harm her in her adult life, she will not have to see a psychiatrist for this and then it happened...a few hours later she was using the potty and she said, "I had to use the potty earlier but had an accident, you got mad and yelled, I cried". In that very moment I felt like the pile she made earlier.