Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Post

Today has been like most days for me; got up at 4:30 AM and met my workout buddy at the gym by 5 AM (a good thing about living on an island that is a mile and a half wide and 3 miles long...no commute...any where). We did some lifting for about 30 min and then went on a slow easy two mile run. We did sprints yesterday so today's run was much more relaxing. We are currently training for the Paupers Marathon on 14DEC, we each will be running half.

When I got back I got ready for work and then got my daughter ready for school (Day Care). I had her use the potty. I am in the process of potty training her right now and am quite pleased that she no longer wets at night. We have the first potty of the day down pat, now for the other 5 or 6. She brushes her teeth, washes her sleepy's out, we get her dressed and do her hair. Lately, I have been putting Aloe Gel in her hair (100% Aloe) as she wants her hair to look like Mommy's. We both have naturally curly hair. At 7:30 AM we were out the door and I dropped her off at school at 7:32 AM (seriously a small island). I got to work at about 7:40 AM (not exaggerating) . Incidentally, this island is so small that no one uses cars except for as work vehicles. We all ride bikes. I cart my daughter along via my burly. I like it, I have not had a speeding ticket or car accident since 2002.

At lunch I went to school to pick up my daughter to spend some quality time with her. I used to pick her up every day but then my Hubby got the H1N1 and I kept her at school every day that week to make it so her chances of getting it were less. It worked! Neither one of us got sick...my Husband was pretty lonely though. Any way, she liked eating at school with her friends so I compromised with her and pick her up for lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays, this way we both are happy. After lunch I dropped her back off to school and got back to work for 4 more hours.

Its the end of the day now and I am on my way out to pick her up. I have tap class tonight in about 30 min for an hour. Its a fun and light workout. It keeps me moving and I like that.

Tonight my daughter and I will be asleep by 9 PM while my husband is having fun at band practice.

Its a good life.

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